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for retail stores and processors

We've been in business for over 30 years
Serving meat markets, independent supermarkets, restaurants and delicatessens.
We deliver central Florida with  our own truck and ship seasoning anywhere.
We carry the South's great sausages.
In meat we have all parts of every Species
Have your favorite store contact us!
We are the Southeast Distributor of Excalibur products
Visit their Web Pages for all the 8000 products we can supply, or we
can develop and package your own!
www.excaliburseasoning.com link below.
Food Wholesalers Inc.
701 46th Street South
St. Petersburg, Florida 33711

We have the South's
Greatest Smoked Sausages
Nettles of Florida
Uncle Johns of Florida
Sunset Farms of Ga.
Four Star of Ga.
Snowdens of Alabama
Roger Wood of Ga.
Bean Brothers of Fl.
Garcia of Fl.
Curtis of Ga.
New location at
701 46th Street South
PHONE NUMBER(727) 321-2514
Geier's Sausage Kitchen
MON-FRI 9-4:15      SAT 9-12        CLOSED  12-1 DAILY LUNC